Sponsorship for Bishal T., Nepal

Bishal T. (* 2013) lives with his parents in Sindhuli district, Nepal. His mother, Susmita T., (* 1996) is a housewife, his father, Rambahadur T., (* 1979) works as a small farmer. Bishal is currently attending a kindergarten. He is traveling there for about 30 to 45 minutes.

The family lives in a brick house with a metal roof and a concrete floor. The family uses wood for cooking. The family draws their water for the most part from a public water pipe. It takes less than 30 minutes to fetch water.

The family uses a pit latrine. The nearest health facility is less than an hour away. Bishal has received all the basic vaccinations. According to the family, Bishal was healthy and had no serious illness.

Current information can be found (sorry – only in German language) in the letters and the current progress report.

From the project report provided by Plan (in German language), you can learn more about the Sindhuli area where Bishal and his family live. The current annual report (in German language) also provides information on recent projects, such as the improvement of the hygiene situation at schools, etc.