Sponsorship for Danashree M., India

From the Welcome Letter of the Chairperson of Chance auf Leben e. V.”, Mrs. Rita Römert-Steinau, from 11.01.2015, the philosophy of the non-profit association becomes clear:on

Dhanashree is 13 years old, attends the eighth grade and would like to become a teacher. However, the income of the family is very low and not stable. The mother already died of diabetes 4 years ago.

From now on, your godchild will be fully supported by our social worker in India. In cooperation with their teachers and their families, we ensure good conditions for a successful school attendance. “Chance auf Leben” supports in special problems beyond the sponsorship. Every year of school education is a big win for your godchild. With your help and encouragement, Dhanashree has a chance for a dignified life and a better future. …

Further information on the activities of the NGO, which includes, among other things, the help of small business owners through microcredits, can be found in the detailed annual and the travel reports. These are published regularly (in German language) and provided in the archive of the website of “Chance auf Leben e. V.”.