Uganda Red Cross Society", Bushenyi, Uganda

Franziska G. wrote a very interesting blog (in German language) during the time she spent in Uganda. It contains many interesting details and beautiful photo impressions. It is worthwhile in any case is to browse a bit and look at the pictures.

Franziska G. and Isabelle Z. designed and implemented a micro-credit project during their period from August 2013 to June 2014 at the Ugandan Red Cross in Bushenyi in western Uganda. As part of the project, two groups were set up, trained and led into a self-employment.

From the “project description” of the two, which was made for the acquisition of the project funds:

It is not a new project. On a smaller scale, there is already such a thing and it has already proven itself in many other countries. Now we also want to give people from the district of Bushenyi the opportunity to benefit from the idea.

At the beginning we would like to train 30 people. The participants of the project are selected by the following criteria, whereby not all have to be fulfilled simultaneously:

1. Lack of work and prospects
2. Life below the subsistence level
3. little educated
4. HIV-positive
5. motivated and reliable

Through a special training, conducted by employees of the Ugandan company Mukwano Industries participants learn how to make candles, soaps, typical African shoes, energy saving stones and mosquito repellents. These goods are – and will – have the quality to be sold in a Red Cross store in the capital of the Bushenyi district as well as on local markets.

During these trainings the participants will also be given an insight into a simple bookkeeping. Also the building of teams will play an important role. In this way the participants should learn to start their own small “company” using the skills learned in the training and invest and use their earned money wisely. Each of the participants has a special task and ability, which he can use in his “company”. Finally the participants should be able “to stand on their own two feet”.

The participants will initially work together in groups, so that there will be larger quantities of good quality products. The required materials are produced as far as possible by hand (wax from bees) and be delivered from the region. In addition, the participants will be provided with materials to start with.

The finished products will be sold in the Red Cross store and on markets. On the one hand, the participants receive their first money. A certain amount of these sales is intended to be used again for the project, for example to finance needed materials, train new people and organize the new trainings. The participants will get at least 80 % of the profit, the other 20 % will flow back into the project.

We hope that after a first test group, we can train new groups again and again and then offer training in other areas.

Some pictures from the beginnings of the project:

This project is still ongoing successfully. From the two microcredit groups at the beginning have now become twelve.