Lung surgery of the little boy Mardoché

From the stays of Br. Werner in Vanga, sometimes spontaneous relief actions can result, as the lung operation of the little boy Mardoché shows. In the surgery a nail was removed in 2017, which Mardoché had swallowed while playing.

Below are a few quotes from Br. Werner from his (past) Facebook account, which briefly document the process. It should be noted before that, without hesitation, the “Christusträger” had decided in advance to operate Mardoché in Kinshasa regardless of the outcome of the donation call. This makes us always very thoughtful as “hk advance” when we see their selfless commitment and service on site in Vanga (and also Kabul, Afghanistan).

Now the announced quotes:

“Dear friends,These days I met Mardoché (7 years) and his mother Nelly in the children’s section. Both came from far, 200 km on adventurous ways to finally get better for Mardochés lung problems. Mardoché has a nail stuck in his central bronchi. Somehow, that has happened in a stupidity while he played. Now his health is in danger. Unfortunately, the necessary intervention in Vanga can not be done. Material and corresponding know-how are missing. We would like to send him to Kinshasa. There is an ENT professor who can do that. But that’s expensive and that’s why we need help.
Can we set up a fund? On our account:
Raiffeisenbank Main-Spessart
IBAN DE91 7906 9150 0002 2084 82
with remark: „Mardoché“.
Thank you in advance! Also for sharing this message.”

“Dear friends, this time especially dedicated to those who have helped, that the 7-year-old young Mardoché (Esra 2.2” Mardochai “) from Idiofa, about 200 km from Vanga, has got rid of the nail in his chest at a safe operation in the capital Kinshasa!
Thank you very much for your prayers, which were very necessary until the end of this delicate surgery, and many thanks to those who helped us, brothers, to send him to this operation in the capital of the Dem. Rep. of Congo and to the doctors who succeeded in the OP succeeded. Today the drainage could be removed.
And many thanks to my dear Hugue from Vanga, who studies medicine in Kinshasa and lovingly and expertly accompanied Mardoché. About the ongoing progress he was to the great reassurance of Br. Friedhelm in constant phone contact with him. – PRAISED BE GOD of all of us.”

Praise and thanks again – Mardoché and his mom Nelly on the way home from the hospital in Kinshasa, where the nail could be surgically removed from the chest thanks to the financial help and prayers of many dear friends and the active assistance of Brother Friedhelm Foerster in Vanga. Thank you!
And thank you, dear Hugue M., for your practical support and for the photo! “

Also in 2018 at this year’s first stay of Br. Werner in Vanga the problems and tasks are manifold. Thus the support and expertise of a diabetologist is urgently needed (in German)