Educational program children, Tlholego, South Africa

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Why an educational programm?

In March 2015 the South African government closed the Tshedimosong School which was located on Tlholego ground. The public school Moedwil, about 50 km away, would have been the responsible institution for the 150 children from the Tshedimosong School. Due to the numerous closures of schools in the surrounding area, this boarding school has already been at its capacity limit for years and is no longer able to accommodate all students.

Our long-term goal is to provide a good education and thus to secure an adequate livelihood for the children in the catchment area of the Tshedimosong School.

We took the first step. Thanks to your help we have been able to take over the school fees of the Tlholego children for the nearby Christian Harmony School. We want to continue our work and give more children the opportunity for education.

Some of the children promoted by Tsala ya Africa e.V. also briefly introduce themselves in the above YouTube video.